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I've been thinking of attempting to introduce an organized system of sub-categories to this category. The idea which seems to me to provide the most logical system is to base the divisions on the List of Dewey Decimal classes using the 10 primary divisions as the first-level subcategories. Further subcategories could then follow the Dewey scheme as necessary.

If this plan is implemented, it would make sense to include a link to the dewey system and perhaps a list of the 10 basic divisions on the Category main page.

Here's how the current categories would be set up:

  • Computer science, information, and general works
    • Chilean people
    • Chile-related lists
    • Chile stubs
  • Philosophy and psychology
  • Religion in Chile
  • Social sciences
    • Chilean society
    • Organisations based in Chile
    • Politics of Chile
    • Government of Chile
      • Chilean law
      • Military of Chile
    • Education in Chile
    • Economy of Chile
  • Language
  • Science
  • Technology
    • Health in Chile
    • Environment of Chile
    • Communications in Chile
      • Transportation in Chile
      • Chilean media
        • Television in Chile
    • Buildings and structures in Chile
  • Arts and recreation
  • Literature
  • History and geography
    • History of Chile
    • Geography of Chile
      • Regions of Chile
      • Provinces of Chile
      • Cities in Chile
      • Towns in Chile
      • Villages in Chile
      • Tourism in Chile
    • Chilean culture
    • Natural history of Chile

This does not reflect the existing sub categories which would largely remain as subcategories of the categories where they are. This is simply an idea of where the existing top level categories now would be placed -- and this is open to discussion.

As you can see some of the existing categories are already top level in this system while others would move to subordinate positions.

Does anyone have any comments or suggestions about this? --JAXHERE | Talk 03:10, 24 January 2007 (UTC)