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Slight overhaul of category[edit]

I have moved a lot of subcategories around, with the aim of making this category read more intuitively.

For instance #1, "Musicians" can include a lot of other things, which to most people are instinctively seen as "musicians", eg. everything inbvolving a musical instrument. But "Singers" is added separately into Entertainers, because it is often thought of as a separate mode of entertainment.

For instance #2 - "Comedians" may technically include minstrelsy, but not everyone would think of that (some might be offended, rather than amused), so minstrelsy is added separately.

Similarly, theatre styles such as Vaudeville are listed separately to Theatre, and so on. The aim is to get a more or less complete list of subcategories - without overdoing it - which will allow readers to instinctively choose a subcategory, rather than guessing which one something is in. Bards 17:24, 10 April 2007 (UTC)