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Plane geometry[edit]

I would remove subcategory plane geometry and leave Multi-dimensional geometry, since by defolt Euclidean geometry means plane geometry...

Tosha 10:47, 19 Jul 2004 (UTC)

That is simply false. Euclid did solid geometry, e.g. see Platonic_solid#Origins_of_name. In any case, Euclidean geometry means primarily not what Euclid did, but "flat-space" geometries of any dimension. (Not to mention that the term for geometry of more than 3 dimensions should not be that, which i have never before heard in a geometric context, but, IIRC "higher-dimensional".)

In any case, i'd like to see that Category:Plane geometry restored, and a Category:Solid geometry to make the Cats of some use to people with a sound education who are not math majors. Or for that matter were math majors but did their graduate work in other fields! --Jerzy (t) 05:18, 2005 Mar 13 (UTC)

No it is not, see the main article, we should not care about what Euclid did, what is iportant that the term Euclidean geometry by defolt means plane geometry Tosha 06:46, 13 Mar 2005 (UTC)