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Regarding pseudonyms[edit]

While migrating categories over from Category:Fictional authors I noticed that a number of pseudonyms were included in the category. I have kept them in the new category, but I'm not particularly happy about it. While some pseudonyms do have an extensive fictional background I do not consider them fictional characters in the true sense. IMHO only characters who appear in works of fiction should be included here, not pseudonyms used by real authors. Especially considering there is already a Category:Pseudonyms, it seems both redundant and confusing to add them here as well. If there are no objections I'll go though the list and remove all pseudonyms from the category at some point in the future. --Sherool 30 June 2005 11:58 (UTC)

Ellery Queen[edit]

Ellery Queen is not only the pseudonym for Frederick Dannay and Manfred B. Lee that they used in writing their collaborative mysteries, but is also the name of their fictional detective, who is himself a detective story writer in addition to being an amateur sleuth. I think this qualifies for double categorization. --June 30, 2005 14:25 (UTC)

Yeah, you are right, this one does seem apropriate for both categories. --Sherool 30 June 2005 18:25 (UTC)

Can't correct an error...[edit]

Under "S" the entry "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them" should read "Newton Artemis Fido Scamander", the fictional author of "Fantastic beasts...". Unfortunately I find myself unable to correct this error myself - I don't know how to edit the page in a way that would contain this correction. Can anyone help?

Carlotta Francis[edit]

Should Carlotta Francis be included on the list? She was mentioned in an episode of Law and Order, as a writer of famous vampire novels. After the episode, a lot of people have searched the net for information about her. (talk) 08:38, 13 July 2009 (UTC)

Since this is a category that list actual articles rater than an exhaustive list of fictional writers I'd say no. Beeing mentioned in passing in one episode would probably not make her notable enough to have her own Wikipedia article, most minor characters that appear on screen don't even get their own article. --Sherool (talk) 15:45, 13 July 2009 (UTC)
This belongs in the List of fictional books from non-print media. I'll add it to the TV Series section. Roland (talk) 18:34, 21 January 2010 (UTC)