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List of flagship Universities[edit]

Sandcherry (talk) 16:33, 29 January 2012 (UTC)

Flagship in Idaho[edit]

Currently this Wikipedia article links to the University of Idaho as the "flagship" university in Idaho. However, the source cited is from 2007 and, at least in Idaho, things have changed. In 2012, the State Board of Education removed the "flagship" designation from the University of Idaho's mission statement, and recently an independent media source has referred to Boise State University as "Idaho's flagship university".

On Wednesday, January 21, 2015, President Obama visited and spoke at Boise State University. After the fact the Magic Valley Times Editorial Board published an editorial saying "The U.S. president’s visit to Idaho’s flagship university Wednesday was a big deal." (link:

The paper appears to be the epitome of unbiased expert on this issue. The paper is from the Magic Valley in Idaho, so while they are familiar with the education system in Idaho neither Boise State nor the University of Idaho are in the Magic Valley. The editorial was written by the editorial board, reflecting the opinion of several people. Further, the opinion editor of the paper (Jon Alexander) was born and raised in New York (although I haven't been able to find his college information) (source: the bio on the right side of the page). The Editor (Jon Christensen) went to Iowa State University ( So no one involved with the paper or the editorial board appears to be biased on this issue.

This is precicely what Wikipedia asks for when making a change to an article, an independent media source reporting something that can be linked and verified.

Further, a google news search for "university of idaho" and "flagship" produces no recent hits. The most recent is a series of 2012 articles reporting that "flagship" had been removed from UI's mission statement.

Given the removal of "flagship" from the mission statement in 2012 and independent media sources refering to Boise State as the state's "flagship university" it is no longer appropriate for the University of Idaho to be listed under "Flagship universities in the United States". I propose removing the University of Idaho and adding Boise State University to the list.

I realize this may be upsetting to UI advocates, so if anyone has any links to the contrary please post them to further the discussion. Otherwise, I'll make the changes after a couple days. (talk) 03:52, 25 January 2015 (UTC)

The user24.119.23.240 has only offered a single new paper to support the idea that Boise State fits either the definition or official recognition of flagship university. Given the fact that the University of Idaho continues to claim flagship status (both directly and indirectly) and given the features of the University of Idaho versus Boise State University I am removing Boise State. It frankly makes no sense what so over to have selectively applied the logic that the Idaho Board of Education does not believe anyone institution is a 'flagship' then turn around and appoint Boise State University as the flagship. The logic that precipitates the removal of the University of Idaho also requires equal weight to remove Boise State University.
I have updated the category by removing Boise State University and updated the Talk:University of Idaho page to further the discussion. I believe given the existing data and references available that the University of Idaho should be re-referenced as the entity for this page.Randomeditor1000 (talk) 05:44, 26 April 2015 (UTC)