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Mathematical science as a subcategory of formal science?[edit]

Is mathematical science really a subcategory of formal science?? Mathematics is, but im not sure about mathematical science. For instance, it is not mentioned on the page Formal science. I think a problem arises with the page Mathematics. It belong to Category:Mathematics, Category:Formal sciences and Category:Mathematical sciences. But Category:Mathematical sciences is a subcategory of Category:Formal sciences meaning that Category:Formal sciences is unnecessary. But mathematics is in fact a subdivision of formal science, not mathematical science. (mathematical science is apart of applied mathematics, so Category:Mathematics and Category:Mathematical sciences are not sufficient). Suggesting perhaps the correct categories for Mathematics would be Category:Mathematics and Category:Formal sciences without Category:Mathematical sciences... But also, as Category:Mathematics is a subcategory of Category:Formal sciences this suggests further that Category:Formal sciences is not needed. Which should probably be included? So perhaps a new category should be created, along the lines of Category:Subdivisions of formal science to get around this problem? i.e

Brad7777 (talk) 17:26, 5 November 2011 (UTC)