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Category talk:Israel geography[edit]

The following was copied from the talk page for the previous name of this category before it was deleted. The objection to the deletion was not subsequently raised when the category was properly identified for renaming. RedWolf 00:30, Jan 27, 2005 (UTC)

vfd disputed[edit]

It seems that on 25 Dec 04 User:Grutness placed a {{vfd}} sign here with the following note: "proposal: To keep this consistent with other similar categories, it should be "Geography of Israel"."[1] . I went ahead and searched the "vfd" page and could find absolutely NO place where that entry appears for 25 Dec 04. So in effect there has never been any vote at work AFAIK (I may be wrong, as it may be taking place in some other place...but for now it doesn't appear to exist), and the whole exercise is a moot point. I totally object to the change of name because the articles included in this article are not merely the "Geography of Israel" but they are also places that are 'of concern to and related to the larger geography of Israel and concern the Israeli-Palestinian conflict such as List of Arab localities in Palestine 1948 or the Mount Hermon which involves issues between Israel and Syria and relate to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Some areas are also under military rule so they are not the "Geography of Israel" in the strict sense of the word. Therefore, the words "Israel geography" allow for an inclusiveness of areas and places that are viewed as part of Israel by most Israelis yet are also understood to be areas that may be disputed as part of other larger conflicts between Israel and the Palestininas and the Arabs. IZAK 11:13, 3 Jan 2005 (UTC)

Grutness used the wrong template. The discussion was held at Wikipedia:Categories_for_deletion#General_Category:Landforms_tidy-up. Given the mixup, I will re-list just this category on its own due to the points raised above. RedWolf 01:48, Jan 16, 2005 (UTC)