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Category Listing Of Indian Musical Groups[edit]

Classical Indian Music.
Film Music.
International/Pop Music.

Indian Rock Music[edit]

Listing and short Biography of Indian Rock Bands[edit]

  • 13 AD--Genre : Rock | From : India | Status : Active

--Band Members : eloy issacs - lead n rhythm guitars/george peter - vox/paul K J - bass n vox /glen la rive - vox /pinson correa - drums/jackson aruja - keys/kannan - keys/sunita kutty - vox n keys/rose - vox/sarina - vox/stanley - vox.

One of the best bands india has ever seen. Technically so perfect, note-perfect. 2 albums to their credit. Tons of shows in india and the Middle East. Hotel contracts in the Middle East. Songs in a couple of movies. In Eloy, they had one of the best guitarists india has ever seen and in George they had a fab vocalist. The band left for the gulf at their peak. I have listed almost all the people i know who have at one time or the other played for the band. currently only paul remains of the old line up. george is currently with AR Rahman. Glen is into gospel, Eloy is playing with a dubai band called PH7.

  • PARIKRAMA--Genre :Rock |From : Delhi - India |Status:Active

--Band Members : Nitin Malik - Vocals/Subir Malik - Keyboards/Dilip - Drums/Chintan - Bass/Sonam Sherpa - Guitars/Saurav - Guitars/Gyan - Tabla/Sharat - Violin .


A rather special sort of bunch, this Delhi based group of tie-dye wearing gonzos, because in a land starved of rock concerts, they have notched up a tally of more than two hundred shows and the demand doesn't show any signs of abating. "It's got to the point where we are actually refusing shows, "says bandleader and frequently topless keyboardist Subir Malik. There's no hint of hot-air, gas-bag, aggrandisement in Malik's words because Parikrama, quite simply, are all over the country these days. It is not due to any reason unfathomable, because every time Parikrama walk on to a stage it is pretty much a case of living after midnight and consequently, rocking till the dawn. The band have put a lot into their presentation, and what with fireworks lighting up the sky and guitarist Sonam Sherpa managing to pull off the complex maneouvre of beginning his solo on the stage and ending it on a platform somewhere in the distance, Parikrama are an energised rock experience. Currently working on original material that blends chunky rock riffs with instruments such as the violin, tabla and saarangi, Parikrama are a constantly evolving proposition.

  • Thermal And A Quarter

Genre : Rock | From : Bangalore - India | Status : Active Bruce Lee Mani - Vocals and guitars Rajeev Rajagopal- Percussion Prakash - Bass


In stark contrast to most rockographies, the story of Thermal And A Quarter does not begin in a garage. Like the rest of us, the band was conceived in a bedroom. No sex (well, almost!). No drugs. Just rock'n'roll. 1996 was the year. If you're wondering where we got a name like that, 'Thermal And A Quarter' (TAAQ to the impatient) is the phonetic distillate of 'Three Malayalees and A Quarter Malayalee' -- a tongue-in-cheek take on the ethnic origins of the band members.The TAAQ sound is constantly evolving. Because having fun through music is serious business, and they are ever churning out fresh new ideas and rhythms that can best be classified as 'Thermal And A Quarter'. But all that jazz about genre was best summed up by Dave Matthews: "Music isn't jazz, or heavy metal, or classical -- those are just categories, and the more you listen to music, the more you can see right through them."

  • Lounge Piranha

Lounge Piranha

  • Mother Jane