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I am hoping someone could explain to me the purpose behind this category. I have been doing some work in cleaning up the law categories as they are, for the most part, inarguably messy. Most legal topics are relatively well-defined and easy enough to sort, however this category is very foreign to me. As I understand from the description it is a "branch of ethics determining certain fields of law right or wrong" which to my interpretation means that it's a category of ethics regarding the "just-ness" law. While the area of human rights seems appropriate enough I do not see how criminal law and intellectual property are included. They are both classic areas of law that do have ethical components and issues to them, however so do all areas of law to a varying degree. Perhaps the category is best used to classify more philosophical topics rather than regular legal ones since Legal ethics is more of a ethics oriented field than a legal field. If no one can provide clairifcation I would be inclined to remove the categories of Criminal law and IP law from this one. Any thoughts? Cheers! Dostal 22:12, 21 Oct 2004 (UTC)