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Joachim, Domestikos Of Serbia[edit]

Joachim, Domestikos Of Serbia (fl 1347-1385), also known as Jovan (Joakim) Harsijanitski, was an early Serbian composer of religious music in the courts of Serbian despots Stefan Lazarević and his predecessor Djuradj Branković.

The liturgical music of the Serbian Orthodox Church before the founding of Studenica monastery (in Serbia in 1183) and Hilandar (on Mount Athos in 1198) is indistinguishable from Russian and Church Slavonic chant. Chants in honour of the Serbian saints are found as early as the 13th-century, and among the most notable Serbian composers known from the 14th-century is Joachim, Domestikos Of Serbia whose manuscript dates between 1360-1385 from Vatopedi monastery at Mount Athos and the main copyist of the 15th-century bilingual manuscript, now in possession of the National Library of Athens (No. 928), is the composer Isaiah the Serb from the Matejche Monastery. The only thing that is clear is Joachim's nationality and profession -- domestikos. In the Byzantine terminology that meant the man occupied himself with composing, writing music. It proves once again the existence of close cultural links between the Byzantine and Serbian churches during the 14th and 15th centuries.

Principal Works[edit]

  • Praise the Lord!
  • Kratima Terirem