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Merjer In Progress[edit]

Much of what Broca and Wernicke discovered about normal function in anatomy was learned from brain injuries, and more of what we know about Chemistry in the brain was learned from trials of bad drugs. Last time I saw anything about it, about thirty drugs were studied intensely before we settled on Fluoxetine as a treatment.

I orijinally proposed a merjer betweeen NeuroScience and Neurology (into Neurology) as a mechanical operation. It is obvious to me that NeuroScience is a bigger category, perhaps owing to popular usage, but as I don't think wikimedia is either qualified or interested in making a textbook and selecting topics within NeuroScience of core interest to the medical discipline, I am prepared to do the merjer manually, if only because that shows me that a lot of other work should be done.

The topics leading this page explicitly are properly subcategories of Neurology, and many of the topics now listed as subcategories of Neurology fit into them. Anyone else interested in finding the least invasive treatments for disease in the brain is welcome to make my work lighter. 07:06, 4 July 2007 (UTC) Please use that e-mail address in preference to my talk page.

Neuroscience and Neurology are very distinct fields[edit]

Neuroscience is a basic research discipline. Neurology is a clinical discipline. They cannot be merged.

Agreed, thankfully Brewhaha's edits were all reverted. --Dpryan 01:22, 7 July 2007 (UTC)