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The purpose of the category[edit]

This category is meant to combine scripts (phonetic guides as special characters or diacritics) used for educating the reading of languages with non-obvious pronunciation:

The Chinese language (Mandarin) requires a phonetic guide, e.g. Hanyu Pinyin or Zhuyin Fuhao, which are used in mainland China and Taiwan to teach the pronunciation.

The Japanese language very often employs Furigana (aka "ruby"), written as small Hiragana letters written above (horizontal) or to the right (vertical) of the Kanji.

The Arabic language uses vocalisation or diacritics marks called Harakat.

The Hebrew language equivalent of the vocalisation is called Niqqud (Nekudot). --Atitarev (talk) 10:51, 24 June 2008 (UTC)