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((Dangerous Danny Hunter) Danny Bagley

Dangerous Danny Hunter-Superstar Danny Hunter (real Name) Danny Bagley
 Danny Hunter began his careerin Aragon Ga. Working for Carl McIntyre as an independent. He went on to work for young Atlas in Rome,Ga and Mr Black in Calhoun Ga. This was in 1970. Worked with guys such as The Medics- Charlie Cook- Ox the Ripper-The Mcquire Twins- Tim Ironman Moon - Jimmy Jarrett (which he trained)-The Blue Demon-Gene Luvelle-Buck Forest-Don Anderson-Jim Byers-Jimbo Slaughter-David Jenkins-El Mongo- The fighting Irishman- Jimmy Black- Lee Teal- Cowboy Langston- Cousin Alfred-Dirty Billy Hunter-The Road Warriors- Tommy Rich-Johnny Rich-Blackjack Lanza-Ray Patterson-Ricky Morton Bob Armstrong-Wrestling 2-Leon the worm Brown-The Ga Rebels Eddie Dean. 
 Danny won the southeaster light heavyweight title in 1970 by defeating Tim Ironman Moon(then Tim Bernard)at Paul Cashes auction Bar in a 2 out of 3 falls, one hour time limit. Huntertook the first fall in 9 mins. moon took the second in 3 mins. and hunter took the third fall with an abdominal stretch submission in 32 mins to win the title. This match took place in nov 9 1970. Hunter put his title on the line several times in the next 4 yrs. Finally losing it in a title vs mask match in Chatsworth Ga. against The Assassinator no. 2 (which was hunters former partner as the assassinators}.It took hunter approx. a year to get it back in Snoorsville Ga in 1975. He was defeated in the title match against Eddie Dean in a 1 fall no disqualification match; when Don Anderson interfered in hunter and Deans ladder Title match
 Hunter worked alot of  shows in the NC,SC,TN,AL,GA,TX venues. His first tv shot was for charlie Babbs channel 13 hickory NC 1971. He was 16. He worked some shows for Ann Gunkel-charlie Babbs - Bert Prentice-CCW Boutwell Auditorium for the NWA. On one card I recall MR. wrestling 2-Adrian Street-The British Bulldog-Ron Fuller-The Bullet Brad Armstrong-The bushwackers-The Assassin,Tommy and Johnny Rich took on me(Dangerous Dan Hunter} and The Nightmare).the dirty whiteboys-the rock and roll express. I also promoted alot of matches that drew descent crowds
 If anyones interested in promoting good pro wrestling,   contact me  —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 05:07, 3 March 2009 (UTC)