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Useful feature[edit]

As it is possible admins might add themselves to this category and go through a period of editing inactivity, would there be a way to arrange people in this category by date of last edit or date last logged in to Wikipedia? That way people would know how to pick people more likely to be online and be able to userfy. Sort of a neutral, automated and more current version of this type of "best admins" idea, except based purely on activeness and not on responsiveness. Ranze (talk) 20:13, 20 May 2013 (UTC)

That would be technically challenging: it is not anything like how categories work. However, if you have popups enabled, you can hover over a username appearing in the category, hover over their contributions (under the "user" submenu) and quickly see how long it has been since they last edited. —EncMstr (talk) 21:15, 20 May 2013 (UTC)

Article marked for speedy deletion since over 2 years[edit]

I'll just like to attract your attention to the fact that apparently all of the pages (over 50) created by this user are marked for deletion or even speedy deletion for ages. Perhaps someone should look at it. He never contributed again in the past 3 years and the articles seems worthless (found it just because I clicked on giving me a random article).

Thank you for the house keeping.

07:53, 27 June 2013 (UTC) — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk)

I got carried away in an edit, now I can't add a shorter, more appropriate Edit[edit]

I added AN EDIT on "The WBRC TV" Article, where Previous On-Air People are listed. I was on a VERY POPULAR Local Television Show that was on WBRC TV for about 30 years. I was just a Teenager when I appeared on The Show for Two Years, from 1977-79. Now I'm a Motion Picture and Network Television Actor and Stand-Up Comedian. I mean I've STARRED IN Motion Pictures and On Television Series. I make My living as An Actor/Comedian. But, I guess I got "Carried Away" when I was Writing My Edit, and I wrote TOO MUCH INFORMATION, and My Edit was DELETED. But, when I tried to add A MORE APPROPRIATE and MUCH SHORTER Edit about My Appearing on The Show, IT WOULDN'T ALLOW ME TO ADD IT! I was trying to correct My Error by just making A BRIEF Notation with The Name that I used on The Show and My Current Screen Name, The Two Years that I was on The Show, and that I'm NOW An Actor and Stand-Up Comedian. NOTHING MORE! There are Two Things, (1) as I said, I use a DIFFERENT NAME NOW, as an Actor/Comedian, than I did as a Teenager on The Local Show on WBRC, and People probably don't realize that I'm THE SAME PERSON as The Kid that They saw on T.V. in The 70's. (2) The Daily Morning Show on which I appeared before School taught Me A LOT about Performing, and because I appeared on that Show, I feel that I'm where I am TODAY, in My Career! I suppose that I wrote SO MUCH is because I'm VERY SENTIMENTAL about My Time on The Show! It was in My Adolescense, and I have FOND MEMORIES of My time on The Show. Plus, I loved The Show's Host like An Uncle. I suppose that this is why I wrote TOO MUCH about My Work on The Show; The Fond Memories and a desire for The People Who saw Me on The Show WAY BACK THEN, to know that I'm The Actor that They've seen in Movies and on T.V. Series in The Past Decades. Of course, My Physical Appearance has changed A Great Deal, I'm NOT A Kid Anymore, plus "The Name-Thing," (something that I've NEVER Publicized,) I'd just like to have The Information out there. It's REALLY important to Me! I would just like to put a VERY SHORT Revised Edit on The WBRC Article, so that My Old Viewers will know that I'm STILL On Television, eventhough I decided to Use a DIFFERENT NAME when I moved to Hollywood. I'm One of Five People who got Their start on THAT Show on WBRC-TV, and went on to MUCH GREATER THINGS in "The Entertainment Industry." In fact, I'm surprised that there isn't "An Actor Article" on Wikipedia about My Career. I started writing An Article about My Career, but Abandoned It. I decided to wait until I hire a New Publicist, and I will let Them do it. I apologize, I wasn't trying to break any rules! I just have DEEP FEELINGS about My Time on That Show! I feel like I owe The Show, The Station and The Host a great deal, eventhough it's No Longer On The Air! David L. Cubero (talk) 12:05, 25 April 2016 (UTC)