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Russia World Heritage Sites official site, resources: [1] [2]

A slightly different list is at List of World Heritage Sites in Europe#Russian Federation

Striked out those that have existing articles and are included in the category. I removed Pavlovsk, Peterhof and Strelna. They are nice places, but not in the list. Paranoid 10:28, 13 Dec 2004 (UTC)

The World Heritage patrimony is not just a "Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg" but "Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments". These monuments include Peterhof, Pavlovsk, Gatchina, and Tsarskoe Selo. The original nomination was "Historic centre of Leningrad and surroundings". Its name was changed in 1992.

In the criteria evoluation the Session noted that "the palaces of Petrodvorets (=Peterhof) and Pushkin (+Tsarskoe Selo), which were restored following destruction during the Second World War, are some of the most significant constructions". The Soviet Union was specially commended for restoration work undertaken at Leningrad, Petrodvorets, Pushkin, and Pavlovsk.

By the way, World Monuments Watch ( includes a section on Agate Pavilion of the catherine Palace and Alexander Palace (Tsarskoe Selo). The Strelna palace used to be featured in their list as well.

I returned Peterhof, Pavlovsk, Gatchina and Tsarskoe Selo in the category. Ghirlandajo 19:18, 14 Dec 2004