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Caterham Cricket Club was based at Caterham, Surrey, and was briefly a prominent team, playing ten known matches from 1767 to 1770 against Hambledon and Bourne which are classified as important by the ACS.[1] Caterham at this time was effectively representative of Surrey as a county. Its home venue was on Caterham Common. The club was patronised by Henry Rowett, a prominent landowner in the area, and was in reality his own private club.

Major cricket[edit]

Caterham is first recorded as a top-class team on Monday, 21 September 1767 when it played Hambledon at Duppas Hill and was heavily beaten by 262 runs.[2] The club's last major match in 1770 was also against Hambledon and they lost that by 57 runs.[3] In all, Caterham's ten known matches ended in two wins, four defeats and four where the result is unknown.

The modern club[edit]

Caterham continues to be a popular and successful club, under the benign chairmanship of Graham Samuels. Running three League sides in the Fullers Championship with a reputation for enjoyable and friendly cricket, Caterham CC is a welcoming and competitive club with two Championship titles within the last decade.[4]


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