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Caterham Cricket Club was based at Caterham, Surrey. Caterham at this time was effectively representative of Surrey as a county. Its home venue was on Caterham Common. The club was patronised by Henry Rowett, a prominent landowner in the area, and was in reality his own private club.


Caterham is first recorded as a cricket team on Monday 21 September 1767 when it played Hambledon at Duppas Hill.[1] The club's last match in 1770 was also against Hambledon.[2]

The modern club[edit]

Caterham continues to be a popular and successful club, under the benign chairmanship of Graham Samuels. Running three League sides in the Fullers Championship with a reputation for enjoyable and friendly cricket, Caterham CC is a welcoming and competitive club with two Championship titles within the last decade.

Significant current players[edit]

Stuart Congdon last season became the leading run scorer of all time for Caterham CC. The diminutive shot maker has dominated the club's run scoring for over two decades. A graduate of the De Stafford Cricket Academy alongside alumni such as C.H.Samuels, I.Thompson, P.Anderson, R.Chapman and G.A.Barber, Congdon has stood out as an aggressive and hard hitting batsman. His achievements are unlikely to be surpassed.

Chris Bullen is the only current Caterham player with [first class] and international experience. Clubman of 2009 'Bullo' has been an outstanding servant of the club since joining from the rarified levels of the Surrey Championship and the Brit Oval. Bullen's playing achievements have been immense, but as importantly his contributions off the field have been legion.


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