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Caterine Milinaire
Born 1942 (age 74–75)
Paris, France
Occupation Journalist, photographer, author
Parent(s) Henri Milinaire
Nicole Russell, Duchess of Bedford

Caterine Milinaire (born in 1942, Paris, France)[citation needed] is a journalist, photographer, and author. She was educated in Paris and in England.

Her professional life began in London as a journalist for Queen Magazine. In 1965, she moved to New York City to work for Vogue Magazine as a writer, photographer, and youth fashion editor.

Her photographs and articles have appeared in: Conde Nast Publications, New York Magazine, People, Rolling Stone and Interview, as well as in various international publications such as the Sunday Telegraph Magazine.

Since 1976, Milinaire has continued working in the United States as a freelance photographer for the Sygma News agency;[1] now a part of Bill GatesCorbis archives.[2] Caterine Milinaire is the author of three books published by Harmony Books, Crown Publishers, a division of Random House:

  • 1974 BIRTH. Topics include fetal development, prenatal advice, birth method choices, stories of personal birth experiences, father involvement, and caring for the newborn.[3]
  • 1975 CHEAP CHIC: Hundreds of money saving hints to create your own great look.[4][5] Revised and Updated in 1978.
  • 1981 CELEBRATIONS: Ceremonies and Rituals from Birth to Death and from New Year's to Christmas.

Milinaire continues to work principally in the visual fields of photography, video and mixed media.[6] In 2012, She published a children's book: LIANA, the Wandering Vine.[7][8]


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