Caterpillar C13

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Caterpillar C13 [1]
Manufacturer Caterpillar Incorporated
Combustion chamber
Displacement 12,500 cubic centimetres (760 in3)
Cylinder bore 130 millimetres (5.1 in)
Piston stroke 157 millimetres (6.2 in)
Compression ratio 17:1
RPM range
Idle 650
Redline 2800
Turbocharger Single
Fuel system Unit injection (see management)
Management Electronic (ACERT) with mechanical failsafe
Fuel type Diesel
Oil system Wet sump
Cooling system Water cooled
Power output 387 kilowatts (519 hp) (marine/military rating)
Dry weight 1.35 tonnes (1.33 long tons; 1.49 short tons)

The Caterpillar C13 is an inline-6 diesel internal combustion engine made by Caterpillar. The engine is 12.5 liters in displacement (763 cubic inches). The cylinder size is 5.12 x 6.18 bore/stroke. The engine can produce 380-430 horsepower at 2100 RPM. The peak torque occurs at an engine speed of 1200 RPM. [2]

The engine weighs over one ton at 2610 pounds. The Cat C13 is often used in Class 8 vehicles (tractor-trailers). The Gleaner A85 is a Gleaner combine harvester that uses the C13, and it is considered a class 8 vehicle. In the A85 as well as in fire trucks, it is rated at a higher horsepower. [3]

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