Catfight (album)

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Catfight (album).jpg
Compilation album by Hefner
Released 2006
Genre Indie rock
Label self-released
Hefner chronology
The Best of Hefner
Maida Vale

Catfight is a compilation of unreleased songs by the British indie rock band Hefner. It was released by the band in 2006.

Track listing[edit]

The album is split into two discs.

Disc one[edit]

  1. The Pines
  2. Gabriel in the Airport
  3. Anne and Bill
  4. Repression Song
  5. I'm Not Surprised
  6. New French Tits
  7. Country Song for Simon
  8. Fist Footed
  9. Dirty World
  10. Your Kitchen
  11. Come on Sister
  12. Dark Days
  13. The Love Has Gone
  14. Hymn for the 1950s Folk Revival
  15. Monkey Man
  16. Louise
  17. Down Street
  18. Hymn for the Telephones
  19. Standing on Jesus
  20. The Little Baby Hefner's Xmas Song for Holland
  21. Somebody's Got to Love You

Disc two[edit]

  1. If I Had the Desire
  2. The Hymn for Lisa and Me
  3. OMD
  4. Orange Ball of Hate
  5. Don't Break My Heart
  6. The Girl with the Loneliest Futon in Bethnal Green
  7. The Art of Forgiveness
  8. Underfed
  9. It Breaks My Heart
  10. Smoke
  11. Shit TV
  12. Lemon Pixie Stick
  13. Fully Clothed
  14. How Can I Be Certain
  15. You've Been Prayed For
  16. Colette
  17. No Fucking Just Kissing
  18. Fox
  19. Virgin Friends
  20. Betty Cuts
  21. Affordable Friend
  22. Lank


"Orange Ball of Hate" is a cover of the Mountain Goats song (originally released on Zopilote Machine)