Cathédrale du Sacré-Cœur d'Alger

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Sacred Heart Cathedral of Algier
كاتدرائية القلب الأقدس
Cathédrale du Sacré-Cœur d'Alger
Cathédrale du Sacré-Coeur, Alger.jpg
Sacred Heart Cathedral of Algiers
Basic information
Location Algiers, Algeria
Geographic coordinates 36°45′51″N 03°02′52″E / 36.76417°N 3.04778°E / 36.76417; 3.04778Coordinates: 36°45′51″N 03°02′52″E / 36.76417°N 3.04778°E / 36.76417; 3.04778
Affiliation Roman Catholic Church
Rite African Rite
Province Archdiocese of Alger
Year consecrated 1963
Ecclesiastical or organizational status Cathedral
Architectural description
Architect(s) Paul Herbé, Jean Le Couteur
Architectural type Church
Architectural style Romanesque
Completed 1956
The dome

Cathédrale du Sacré-Cœur d'Alger (Sacred Heart Cathedral of Algiers) is a Roman Catholic church located in Algiers, Algeria. Completed in 1956, it became the new cathedral in the capital after the Cathedral of Saint Philip of Algiers became the Muslim Ketchaoua Mosque.[1] The Cathédrale du Sacré-Cœur d'Alger is the cathedral church of the Archdiocese of Algiers.

Construction of the church began after a wish of Bishop Leynaud in 1944. It was elevated to a cathedral in December 1962 and consecrated in 1963. The designers of the building, Paul Herbé and Jean Le Couteur,[2] along with engineer René Sarger,[3] were inspired by the Gospel of John. Its nave measures 52 metres (171 feet) long and 35 metres (115 feet) wide. The church is noted for its central tower.[3]

At the entrance to the nave there are small organs offered by the parish of Boufarik opposite which is a mosaic. The mural dates to 324, from the first Roman basilica of Castellum Tingitanum (Chlef).[4] The altar is made of Carrara marble, and houses the relics of numerous African saints.

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