Cathal mac Ruaidhri

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Cathal mac Ruaidhri (died 1043) was King of Maigh Seóla/Iar Connacht.


Cathal is very obscure. He does not appear in the genealogies nor is his relationship to other members of the Muintir Murchada known. The year after he became king, the annals record that "Cathal, son of Ruaidhri, lord of West Connaught, went on his pilgrimage to Ard-Macha (Armagh)." He appears to have died there in 1043. He was succeeded by his son, Amhalgaidh.

Preceded by
Murchadh an Chapail Ua Flaithbheartaigh
King of Maigh Seóla
Succeeded by
Amhalgaidh mac Cathal