Catharsis (American band)

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Catharsis live 1/17/2013 at King's Barcade in Raleigh, NC
Background information
Origin Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States
Genres Hardcore punk
Years active 1994–2002
Labels Fifth Column Conspiracy
Associated acts Requiem
Past members Brian D
Alexei Rodriguez
Josh Mosh
Christopher Huggins
Mark Dixon
Jimmy Chang
Johnathan Raine
Dan Young
Matt Miller
Ernie Hayes

Catharsis was an American hardcore punk band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina that was active from 1994 to 2002. Their sound is dark and brooding, with dynamic and frequent tempo changes. Their lyrics were heavily influenced by anarchist collective CrimethInc.


Catharsis was formed in 1994 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

After a couple of releases, vocalist and studio guitarist Brian D began releasing the band's albums through the anarchist decentralized collective CrimethInc., with which he was heavily involved. Several members of the band went on to join or form other notable bands such as Zegota, Paint It Black, Requiem, 3 Inches Of Blood, Trial, Neptune, Undying, Walls of Jericho and Cathode.

Catharsis briefly reunited in January 2013 for a series of four shows and to issue the definitive Catharsis box-set "Light from a Dead Star".[1]


Catharsis took appreciable influence from Integrity, Neurosis, His Hero Is Gone, Breakdown, Starkweather, Amebix, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Diamanda Galás, GISM, Refused and the early demo recordings of Belgian hardcore band, Negate. The dark, reggae-styled song, 'Deserts Without Mirages' on the album, Passion, is perhaps a reflection of the singer's appreciation for Peter Tosh. The song's lyrics borrow from the spoken word passages in the Godspeed You! Black Emperor song 'The Dead Flag Blues'. Passion album also samples from Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man.


  • Brian D - vocals, in-studio guitar (1994–2002)
  • Alexei Rodriguez - drums (1994–2002)
  • Rob Davis - bass (2001–2002)
  • Stef - guitar (2000–2002)
  • Christopher Huggins - guitar (1994)
  • Mark Dixon - bass (1994)
  • Jimmy Chang - guitar (1995–96)
  • Jonathan Raine - bass (1995–96)
  • Dan Young - guitar (1996–98)
  • Matt Miller - guitar, bass (1996–2001)
  • Ernie Hayes - bass (1998–2001)
  • Josh Mosh - bass (2001)


Year Album Label
1994 Fall demo cassette Self Released
1995 self-titled 7" Endless Fight Records
1996 eponymous CD CrimethInc.
1997 Samsara CD/LP CrimethInc./Goodlife Recordings (first vinyl press)
1997 Live in the Land of the Dead (split LP with Gehenna) Wicked Witch
1999 Passion CD/LP CrimethInc./Scorched Earth Policy [Germany]
1999 Live in the Land of the Dead (split CD with Newspeak) Liberation/CrimethInc.
2001 Arsonist's Prayer (split CD/LP with Newborn) CrimethInc./Scorched Earth Policy [Germany]
2004 Crimethinc. Bootleg Series 1 (live split CD with Zegota and Gehenna) Self Released

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