Cathay Pacific Flight 700Z bombing

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Cathay Pacific Flight 700Z
Cathay Pacific Convair CV-880-22-1 Volpati-1.jpg
A similar aircraft registered VR-HGG
Bombing summary
Date 15 June 1972
Summary Aviation bombing
Site Over Pleiku, South Vietnam
Passengers 71
Crew 10
Fatalities 81 (all)
Survivors 0
Aircraft type Convair CV-880-22M-21
Operator Cathay Pacific
Registration VR-HFZ
Flight origin Singapore International Airport[1]
Stopover Don Mueang International Airport, Bangkok
Destination Kai Tak Airport
Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific Flight 700Z was a flight flown and operated by Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific that crashed on 15 June 1972.


Flight 700Z originated from Singapore International Airport[1] (Now Paya Lebar Air Base) and had a stopover at Bangkok's Don Mueang International Airport, with the final destination being Hong Kong's Kai Tak Airport.

While flying at 29000 ft (8,839 m) (FL290) over Pleiku, South Vietnam, a bomb placed inside a cosmetics case placed under a seat exploded, resulting in the aircraft's disintegration. All 71 passengers and 10 crew on the flight were killed.


Following a British Civil Aviation Department and Hong Kong police investigation, as well as 6 years of reporting by a Bangkok Post journalist,[2] "a police officer whose fiancée and daughter were aboard was charged with the crime".[3] Somchai Chaiyasut, who had taken out three travel insurance policies on his fiancee and daughter, was declared not guilty due to lack of evidence.[4] He sued the insurance companies and received ฿5.5 million but died of cancer in 1985 after "airline staff and relatives [had considered] hiring a hitman to kill him".[2]


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