Cathedral Church of the Redemption

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Cathedral Church of the Redemption
Cathedral Church of the Redemption - New Delhi.jpg
Cathedral Church of the Redemption
LocationNew Delhi
DenominationChurch of North India
ChurchmanshipHigh Anglican
Functional statusActive
Architect(s)Henry Medd
DioceseChurch of North India diocese of Delhi
Cathedral Church of the Redemption
Inside view of Cathedral Church of the Redemption

Coordinates: 28°37′05″N 77°12′07″E / 28.618038°N 77.201978°E / 28.618038; 77.201978 Cathedral Church of the Redemption in New Delhi, also known as the Viceroy Church, is a church in India. The church is located east of Parliament House and Rashtrapati Bhavan, formerly Viceroy House, which was used by then British Viceroy. The Cathedral Church of the Redemption India, is a part of the Delhi diocese of the Church of North India (CNI)[1][2]

The Church derives its name from Palladio's Church of Il Redentore in Venice.


The building was designed by Henry Medd. The cathedral was built in such a manner that even in the extreme summers it remains cool and serene. The church has beautifully curved high arches and delicate domes, which won the heart of the then Viceroy Lord Irwin. Irwin gifted an organ and a silver Cross to the Church.


The church since its inception on 18 January 1936, has been particular to maintain all its records and minutes of its meetings, and is the proud owner of a 1733 Cambridge Press published Bible, bound in red leather. Its first service was held on 3 December 1922 at 8 am. and the earliest recorded wedding solemnized, was that of Adelbert Vere and Mina Monica (a widow), by Chaplain T.H. Dixon on 20 October 1926. On 4 March 1923, Chaplain T.H. Dixon officiated at the first baptism of baby David Herbert. Sixty-four year old Mary Digoll's funeral service was the first conducted by A.N. Till, the Chaplain of Delhi, on 27 November 1925.[3]

Education and Health[edit]

The Cathedral Church of the Redemption serves the community through its activities in education and health. Music of the church is still on its organ built in 1931. Notable organists who played on the organ since its inception, were Sergeant Desmond Pye, Arthur Mahinder who played for thirty-two years and Bobby Chandy.[4]

Among many prestigious institutions under the diocese are:

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