Cathedral Peak (South Africa)

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Cathedral Peak
Cathedral Peak during the winter dry season
Highest point
Elevation 3,004 m (9,856 ft)
Listing List of mountains in South Africa
Coordinates 28°55′24″S 29°8′2″E / 28.92333°S 29.13389°E / -28.92333; 29.13389Coordinates: 28°55′24″S 29°8′2″E / 28.92333°S 29.13389°E / -28.92333; 29.13389
Cathedral Peak is located in South Africa
Cathedral Peak
Cathedral Peak
Location in South Africa
Location KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Parent range Drakensberg
Mountain type Basalt
First ascent 1917 by D.W. Basset-Smith and R.G. Kingdon
Easiest route One day hike

Cathedral Peak (Afrikaans: Cathedralpiek) is a mountain in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It is a 3,004 m (9,856 ft) high free standing mountain in the Drakensberg. The mountain is also known as Mponjwana (Little Horn) by the local Amangwane people.

Cathedral Peak is part of the Cathedral Ridge which is at right angles to the main range. Other peaks in the spur are the Twins, also known as the Triplets, (2,899 m or 9,510 feet), the Bell (2,930 m or 9,800 feet), the Outer (3,006 m or 9,860 feet) and Inner (3,005 m or 9,858 feet) Horns, the Chessmen (2,987 m or 9,800 feet) and Mitre Peak (3,023 m or 9,919 feet).

Cathedral Peak was first climbed by D.W. Basset-Smith and R.G. Kingdon in 1917, via the gully.[1]

Sunset over the Cathedral Range


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