Cathedral Range (Victoria)

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Cathedral Range
Cathedral Range, Vic, Australia - Mar 2012.jpg
A panoramic view of the Cathedral Range ridge from Cathedral Peak, looking south towards the Jawbones and Sugarloaf Peak
Highest point
PeakThe Green Hill
Elevation1,241 m (4,072 ft) [2] AHD
Coordinates37°25′40″S 145°47′09″E / 37.42778°S 145.78583°E / -37.42778; 145.78583Coordinates: 37°25′40″S 145°47′09″E / 37.42778°S 145.78583°E / -37.42778; 145.78583[1]
Cathedral Range (Victoria) is located in Victoria
Cathedral Range (Victoria)
Location of the Cathedral Range in Victoria
Range coordinates37°22′16″S 145°45′11″E / 37.37111°S 145.75306°E / -37.37111; 145.75306
Parent rangeGreat Dividing Range
Age of rockDevonian Period
Type of rockSedimentary, Sandstone and Mudstone

The Cathedral Range is a mountain range that is part of the Great Dividing Range in Victoria, Australia, located in Cathedral Range State Park. The range is formed from a 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) ridge of upturned sedimentary rock, consisting mainly of sandstone, mudstone and conglomerates of the Devonian Period. This has given the range steep sides, and a narrow razorback ridge. The plateau on the eastern boundary of the park continues to the nearby Lake Mountain cross country ski area. Much of the park was burnt in the Black Saturday bushfires.

The northern section of the Cathedral Range as viewed from the west on Maroondah Highway.

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