Cathedral Square, Mobile, Alabama

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Cathedral Square
Cathedral Square Mobile.jpg
The northwestern entrance to Cathedral Square
Type Public park
Location Mobile, Alabama
Coordinates 30°41′25″N 88°02′42″W / 30.690384°N 88.045091°W / 30.690384; -88.045091Coordinates: 30°41′25″N 88°02′42″W / 30.690384°N 88.045091°W / 30.690384; -88.045091
Area 1 city block
Created 1996
Operated by City of Mobile
Open All year

Cathedral Square is a municipal park in Mobile, Alabama. It is bordered by the streets of North Claiborne, Dauphin, North Jackson, and Conti.


At one time what is now Cathedral Square was part of Mobile's 18th century Catholic cemetery, the Campo Santo. The Campo Santo was roughly 400 feet (120 m) long by 300 feet (91 m) wide and filled portions of what are now several city blocks between Joachim, Dauphin, Franklin, and Conti Streets. Most of the burials were moved to the new Church Street Graveyard in 1819 as Mobile's city boundary expanded. A few graves continued to be accidentally unearthed along Conti Street as late as the 1890s, however.[1]

The area that is now Cathedral Square quickly became a commercial block filled with buildings after the relocation of the cemetery. The buildings were then demolished in 1979 to create a public park facing the Cathedral. The current park layout was implemented in 1996.[2]


The park features a layout that mirrors the neighboring Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. The brick sidewalks mirror the walls and nave of the cathedral while a semicircular colonnade featuring fountains mirrors the apse.


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