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Cathedral of la Seu d'Urgell

The Cathedral of Santa Maria d'Urgell, called Cathedral of la Seu d'Urgell or Cathedral of Urgel, is a cathedral located in the city of la Seu d'Urgell, (Alt Urgell), seat of the Diocese of Urgell. This temple is the seat of the diocese and is dedicated to Saint Mary. The Cathedral of Urgell is considered unique within the Catalan Romanesque for the Italianate-style features on the ornaments of its facade.

The cathedral was constructed in the 12th century (year 1116) and is one of the oldest cathedrals of Catalonia. The cathedral gives the name of the city. Originally referred to as the City of Urgell, it is now called "la Seu d'Urgell," derived from the Latin Sedes Urgelli (Sedes or Seu denotes that the town is the episcopal see of the Bishop of Urgell).

The cathedral is dedicated to Mare de Déu d'Urgell (Virgin of Urgell), patron of the city, a statue of a Virgin Mary from the 13th century. The Virgin of Urgell is also called Virgin of Andorra.

The 16th-century composer Joan Brudieu was maestro di capilla of the cathedral 1548-1591.

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Coordinates: 42°21′28″N 1°27′42″E / 42.35778°N 1.46167°E / 42.35778; 1.46167

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