Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Trebinje

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Cathedral of the Birth of Mary
Trebinje, katolicky kostel z 18. stol, vez znicena 1992.jpg
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bishop(s)Ratko Perić

The Cathedral of the Birth of Mary or Trebinje Catholic Cathedral (Croatian: Katedrala Male Gospe u Trebinju Serbian: Катедрала Мале Госпе) in Trebinje is one of four Roman Catholic cathedrals in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the seat of the Trebinje-Mrkan Bishopric. Ratko Perić acts as bishop to the Trebinje-Mrkan Bishopric as well as the Mostar-Duvno Bishopric.

It is named after the birth of Mary, mother of Jesus. The construction of the Church of the Nativity of Mary began in 1880. The building was completed and blessed on June 7, 1884. On the occasion of dedication by Pope Leo XIII, a great image of the Virgin was donated to the church with baby Jesus . During World War II the church was reduced to a dilapidated state and repairs were necessary that were completed in 1918.

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Coordinates: 42°42′40″N 18°20′39″E / 42.71111°N 18.34417°E / 42.71111; 18.34417