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Catherine Christian
BornMamie Mühlenkamp
(1901-06-22)22 June 1901
Chelsea, London, England, United Kingdom
Died12 Nov 1985
Alma materCroydon High School
GenreArthurian, Children's literature

Catherine Christian (1901–1985) was an English novelist, known for her children’s books and retellings of Arthurian legend. She is classified[1] as having produced 45 works in 85 publications in two languages (English and French) and with 1,019 library holdings. She was also involved with the Girl Guide movement and published several books for girls in the "Ranger" series under the nom de plume of Patience Gilmour.

Early life[edit]

Catherine Christian was born on 22 June 1901[2] in Chelsea, London, England, the daughter of a German father, Christian John Mühlenkamp, and an English mother, Catherine Harriett (née Ellett, born[2] in Wandsworth in 1873). Christian and Catherine had married[2] in Wandsworth in 1899. Her birth was registered as Mamie Muhlenkamp, but the family may have changed their surname[3] during World War I. There is no legal evidence for this name change and Mamie remained "Mulenkamp" in her school records, although later became known as Catherine Mary Christian.

Mamie attended Croydon High School for girls between 25 September 1911 and 25 June 1920, initially at the site in Purley and then from September 1914 at the main school. In 1919 her school records show that she achieved Senior Oxford Class III with subjects English, History, Religious Knowledge, French, German, Mathematics and Botany.

After leaving school she returned to live at home.

Later life[edit]

Christian was a published author during the period 1930 to 1970. Many of these were books for girls and included references to the Girl Guides. She had become involved with the Girl Guide Movement, probably during her school years.

She edited[3] "The Guide" journal from 1939 to 1945. She also made contributions to "The Guider", a publication being produced at the same time and which was edited by her friend Margaret Tennyson. After the war, Christian moved[3] to Devon and was Curator of the Salcombe National Trust Museum (Overbeck's).[3]

Christian was involved in the Guide International Service, and assisted Olga Drahonowska-Małkowska, a former Polish Chief Guide and founder of scouting in Poland, who ran the Polish Children's Home at Hawson Court in Buckfastleigh, Devon.

Christian died on 12 November 1985.


As Catherine Christian[edit]

  • Great Stories of All Time, illustrated by Alfred Garth Jones, published by Hutchinson c1936
  • The Pendragon, published by Knopf, 1978; Warner, 1984
  • Sword and the Flame, published by Macmillan, 1981
  • A Schoolgirl from Hollywood, illustrated by Ernest Baker, published by Blackie & Son, 1939
  • The Marigolds Make Good, published by Blackie & Son, 1937
  • The School at Emery's End, published by Pearson, 1944
  • Sally Joins the Patrol, published by Peal Press, 1966
  • A Stranger Passed, published by G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1961
  • Diana Takes a Chance, illustrated by A A Nash, published London by Blackie & Son, 1940
  • Sidney Seeks Her Fortune, published by Peal Press, 1965
  • Cherries in Search of a Captain, Illustrated by Comerford Watson, published by Blackie & Son Ltd.,c1935
  • The School At Emerys End, published London by C Arthur Pearson, 1944
  • Harriet Takes The Field, published by Pearson, 1942
  • Sally and the Sixpenny Pig (Read every day library), illustrated by Constance Marshall, published by Blackie, 1960
  • L'aube de la Liberté, publisher unknown
  • The Kingfishers See It Through, illustrated by E. Spring-Smith, published by Blackie & Sons, 1942
  • The Seventh Magpie, illustrated by E. Spring-Smith, published by Blackie & Son. London, c1948
  • The Silver Unicorn London, published by Hutchinson, 1946
  • The Legions Go North, published by Cassell & Co., 1935
  • The Pharaoh's Secret, published by Lutterworth Press, 1940
  • Baker's Dozen : thirteen stories for girls, published by Girl's Own Paper, 1937
  • Phyllida's Fortune, published by George Newnes Ltd, 1947
  • Harriet : The Return of Rip Van Winkle, published by C. Arthur Pearson Ltd., 1941
  • Syringa Street, published London, 1930
  • The Luck of the Scallop Shell, published by Brown, Son & Ferguson Limited, 1929
  • The Wrong Uncle Jim, published by Edward Arnold & Co., 1935
  • The Big Test: The Story of the Girl Guides in the World War, published by The Girl Guides Association, 1947
  • Greenie and the Pink 'Un, a Girl Guide story, illustrated by Gordon Browne, published by "Every Girl's Paper" Office, c1925

As Patience Gilmour[edit]

  • Three’s a Company, 1935
  • The Quest of the Wild Swans, 1941
  • The Cygnets Sail Out, 1943
  • The Seven Wild Swans: A Story for Rangers, published by Epworth Press, 1936


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