Catherine Grey, Lady Manners

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Portrait of Catherine Grey, Lady Manners, by Thomas Lawrence

Catherine Rebecca Grey, Lady Manners, later Lady Huntingtower (1766 – 21 March 1852)[1] was an Anglo-Irish aristocrat and poet.[2]


Catherine Grey was born in Lehena, County Cork and brought up in Cork, Ireland. In 1790 she married the Tory politician William Manners. The pair had six sons and six daughters. In 1821, the family surname was changed from Manners to Tollemache (also spelt Talmash). William died in 1833 and in 1840 their son Lionel inherited the Earldom of Dysart from his grandmother. All his siblings were raised to the precedence of the children of an earl, to reflect their father's position had he survived.[3]


  • Poems by Lady Manners, 1793
  • Review of Poetry, Ancient and Modern, A Poem, by Lady M****, 1799


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