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Catherine Louisa Pirkis (1839 – 4 October 1910) was a British author.

She wrote numerous short stories and 14 novels between 1877 and 1894, and is perhaps best known today for her detective stories featuring Loveday Brooke, appearing in the Ludgate Magazine in 1894. She moved from writing to animal charity work and, together with her husband, was one of the founders of the National Canine Defence League in 1891.

She is buried in Kensal Green Cemetery.

Select bibliography[edit]

  • Disappeared from Her Home (1877)
  • In a World of His Own (1878)
  • A Very Opal (1880)
  • Wanted, an Heir (1881)
  • Saint and Sibyl: A Story of Old Kew (1882)
  • Judith Wynne (1884)
  • A Dateless Bargain (1887)
  • The Road from Ruin (1888)
  • At the Moment of Victory (1889)
  • A Red Sister: A Story of Three Days and Three Months (1891)
  • The Experiences of Loveday Brooke, Lady Detective (1894)


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