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Catherine Robbe-Grillet (French: [ʁɔb ɡʁi.jɛ]; née Rstakian; born 24 September 1930) is a French theatre and cinema actress, photographer, and writer of Armenian descent who has published sadomasochistic writings under the pseudonyms Jean de Berg and Jeanne de Berg.


She was born in Paris, where she attended secondary school and high school.

L'Image, a sadomasochistic novel published in 1956 by éditions de Minuit, was written under the pseudonym Jean de Berg. Radley Metzger made the novel into a 1974 film, The Image, also known as The Punishment of Anne.

She is also the author of Cérémonies de femmes (ed. Grasset) (1985) written under the pseudonym Jeanne de Berg and Entretien avec Jeanne de Berg (ed. Les Impressions Nouvelles) (2002) under the name Catherine Robbe-Grillet. In 2004, she wrote, under her own name, Jeune mariée: Journal, 1957-1962 (ed. Fayard), an account of the early years of her marriage. Her most recent publication is Le Petit Carnet Perdu (March 2007, ed. Fayard) under the name of Jeanne de Berg.

She had a small part in L'Immortelle (1963) as Catherine Sarayan. Her last appearance as an actress was on stage in 2016, in Savannah Bay by Marguerite Duras, directed by Beverly Charpentier.

She married the French writer and filmmaker Alain Robbe-Grillet in Paris on 23 October 1957; he died in February 2008.

In 2014, she was the subject of a documentary film entitled The Ceremony, which examines her life as a member of the BDSM (sadomasochistic) community.


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