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Catherine Slessor MBE[1] is an architecture writer, critic and former editor of The Architectural Review,[2][3][4][5] and a contributor to Dezeen[6] and Architects' Journal.[7] She received an MBE in 2016 for her services to architectural journalism and in 2021 was elected president of The Twentieth Century Society.[8]


Slessor was born in Aberdeen, Scotland.[2] She studied architecture at the University of Edinburgh,[2] and holds an MA in Architectural History from the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.[6] Slessor started her writing career as a technical editor at Architects' Journal in 1987.[3] She moved to The Architectural Review in 1992,[3] and was its editor for five years from 2009-2015.[2] She was the magazine's first female editor.[9] Her books have been translated into several languages, including Spanish, German, Dutch and Chinese.[10]

Selected publications[edit]

  • See-through houses inspirational homes and features in glass (2001, Ryland Peters and Small: ISBN 1841722006)[11]
  • Eco-tech: sustainable architecture and high technology (1997 (2nd ed. 2001), Thames and Hudson: ISBN 0500341575)[12]
  • Contemporary doorways: architectural entrances, transitions and thresholds (1992, Mitchell Beazley: ISBN 1840005092)[13]
  • Contemporary staircases (1990, Mitchell Beazley: ISBN 1840003162)[14]


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