Catherine Telegdi

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Catherine Telegdi
Spouse(s) Stephen VIII Báthory
Father Stephen Teledgi of Kincstartó
Mother Margaret Bebek of Pelsőcz
Born 1492
Died 1547 (aged 54–55)

Catherine Telegdi (hun. Katalin Telegdi) (1492–1547)[1] was a Hungarian noble lady, the daughter of István Telegdi de Kincstartó and his wife Margit Bebek de Pelsőcz.[1]

She married the deputy voivode of Transylvania Stephen VIII Báthory. They had eight children from this marriage:

  • Nicholas, mentioned in 1516,
  • Catharine, mentioned in 1516,
  • Andrew (d. 1563),
  • Sophia, wife of Demeter Csáky de Kőrösszegh,
  • Anna, the mother of the "Blood Countess" Elizabeth Báthory,
  • Elizabeth, wife of Lajos Pekry de Petrovina and László Kerecsélyi de Kányaföld,
  • Christopher (1530–1581), who governed Transylvania in the absence of his younger brother Stefan,
  • Stephen (1533–1586), who became Voivode (and later Prince) of Transylvania and King of Poland.


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