Catherine gardens

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A sketched elevation by designer Amartya Deb

Catherine gardens is an architectural concept where large ecosystems are enclosed in huge shells around buildings to protect them from pollution. This was also named floating ecosystem because of the empty spaces predicted in the design.


The catherine gardens gets its name from circular growth pattern of the ivy plants as a projection of the designer's thought -just like the catherine wheel of Haz-Zebbug.


The design is mainly aimed at providing an isolated and protective environment for the migrating birds amidst the disturbing activities of the urban scenario.

The concept has vulcanized rubber tubes growing plants running spirally downwards to facilitate the water flow which gets collected at the bottom.

A sketch by designer Amartya Deb showing the circular gardens.

The experiment was done as an attempt to blend high tech architecture and nature together but turned out only to be an utopian concept as the concern of materials were not paid importance to. More over, economic constrictions were not considered thinking that mankind should come together to produce something that benefits all using all what they can offer.

A graphical rendering of the concept showing vertical farms.
The spiral tubes carrying plants


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