Catherine of Bulgaria

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Byzantine Empress consort
SpouseIsaac I Komnenos
FatherIvan Vladislav of Bulgaria

Catherine of Bulgaria (Church Slavonic: Єкатерїна Greek: Αἰκατερίνη Bulgarian: Екатерина, romanizedEkaterina; died after 1059) was empress consort to Byzantine emperor Isaac I Komnenos and co-regent of Constantine X for a period after the abdication of her spouse in 1059. She was a daughter of Ivan Vladislav of Bulgaria and his wife Maria, and thus a sister of Presian and Alusian. Catherine was also a paternal aunt of Maria of Bulgaria.


Catherine was a daughter of Ivan Vladislav (reigned 1015–18), the last Tsar of Bulgaria.[1] She married the general Isaac Komnenos.[2] After he became emperor in 1057, Isaac raised her to Augusta.[3]

Isaac abdicated the throne on November 22, 1059. He retired to the Stoudios Monastery and spent the remainder of his life, until his death in late 1060 or 1061, as a monk.[2][4] Following her husband's abdication, she appears to have co-reigned for a while with Constantine X, but eventually she too retired to the Myrelaion monastery under the monastic name of Xene.[5]


Catherine had at least two children with Isaac:[6]

  • Manuel Komnenos (ca. 1030 – 1042/57), probably the "son of Komnenos" recorded as having been engaged to the daughter of the protospatharios Helios. He died sometime between 1042 and 1057.[7]
  • Maria Komnene (born ca. 1034), her beauty is remarked upon by Psellos, but she remained unmarried, and retired with her mother to the Myrelaion.[8]


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