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Cathie M. Wright (May 18, 1929 – April 14, 2012) was an American politician from California and a member of the Republican party.

Early career[edit]

A onetime Simi Valley councilwoman, Wright was serving as mayor in 1980 when she won election to the California State Assembly seat vacated by Republican Bob Cline, who had made an unsuccessful run for state senate.[1] She represented the Ventura county based 37th district until 1992, when she opted not to seek reelection.

State senate[edit]

After 12 years in the Assembly, Wright instead ran for the open 19th state senate district held since 1980 by Republican stalwart Ed Davis, a former Los Angeles police chief. Davis didn't much like Wright (whom he dubbed "The Peroxide Princess of Simi Valley") and recruited former Assemblywoman Marion W. La Follette to run for the seat.[2] After a bitter campaign, Wright prevailed, but just barely. She won reelection easily in 1996, but California state Term Limits prevented her from seeking reelection in 2000.

Lieutenant governor race[edit]

In 1994 she became the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor by defeating moderate Assemblyman Stan Statham in the party's primary. Statham was best known for a proposal to split California into three states. Wright beat him handily but was soundly defeated by then Democratic state Controller Gray Davis in the general election.[3]


One issue that has constantly dogged Wright was her seeking the help of then Democratic Assembly Speaker Willie Brown in an effort to have a judge go easy on her daughter, who had racked up numerous traffic violations.[2]

Electoral history[edit]

Member, California State Assembly: 1981–1993
Member, California State Senate : 1993–2001
Year Office Democrat Votes Pct Republican Votes Pct
1980 California State Assembly
District 37
Arline Mathews 39,838 34.1% Cathie Wright 66,937 57.3%
1982 California State Assembly
District 37
C.W. "Dick" Stine 38,574 38.7% Cathie Wright 55,849 56%
1984 California State Assembly
District 37
none Cathie Wright 105,919 100%
1986 California State Assembly
District 37
William Hesse 25,736 23.9% Cathie Wright 80,477 74.6%
1988 California State Assembly
District 37
Jeffrey Marcus 37,617 24.9% Cathie Wright 110,111 72.8%
1990 California State Assembly
District 37
Dennis A. Petrie 44,773 38.9% Hunt Braly 41%
Cathie Wright 59%
62,881 54.7%
1992 California State Senate
District 19
Hank Starr 108,052 38.8% Roger Campbell 29%
Marion La Follete 33%
Cathie Wright 38%
148,116 53.2%
1994 California Lieutenant Governor Gray Davis 4,441,429 52.4% Stan Statham 37%
Cathie Wright 63%
3,412,777 40.3%
1996 California State Senate
District 19
John Birke 97,133 37.8% Cathie Wright 160,130 62.2%


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California State Assembly, 37th District
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