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Catholic College is a co-educational Catholic school in Wodonga, Victoria, Australia, catering for students in Years 7 to 12. Founded by the Wodonga Parish in 1979, Catholic College aims to “bring life in Jesus’ name” and to continue the work of the Sisters of Mercy in educating young people for a range of pathways in life.[1]


The first Catholic secondary college or high school in Wodonga was Saint Augustine's, located on Osborne Street, just down the hill from the primary school, it had grades from 1st year high school to 6th and was closed down at the end of the 1976 school year and became a nursing home in 1977. In 1977 till 1979 the Catholic Secondary school as 'Catholic College' was located in rented premises just behind the Wodonga Court House between the Swimming pool. The 'new' school was located adjacent to St Monica's Primary school.

Catholic College Wodonga is part of Catholic Education Wodonga (CEW). Because of this association students are often streamed from the three catholic primary schools which make up the rest of CEW. These schools are St. Monicas Primary School, St. Augustines Primary School and Frayne College Baranduda. The latter is a prep to 8 school.


Catholic College is divided into six Houses; Hollows (yellow), Malone (green), da Vinci (blue), Chisholm (red), Gandhi (orange) and MacKillop (purple).

Students start the day in their homebases. Homebases contain students from a single house and across a variety of years. The objective of homebase is to encourage friendships across year levels, and announce relevant school news. Each homebase is co-ordinated by a teacher who is the primary contact for students in their group regarding school or administrative issues. They also provide the students with academic references.

There is a range of classes available and the school has a number of learning tools.[2] The school enjoys many luxuries, including the recording studio, Music Practice rooms,[3] the computer labs located in T block adjacent to the tennis courts and woodworking facilities. The library contains a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books and is open to students during business hours.


There are many famed past students, including Anthony Evans, Madison Coombes, Harrison Fischer, Sammy Greenwood, Ellen Larkin, Chlorissa Johnston, and famed AFL footballers Ben McEvoy and Fraser Gehrig. High performers in all disciplines at Catholic College are recognised in the annual Expo. The school also achieves consistently good results in the VCE, with a number of students obtaining marks over 90.[4][5]


Coordinates: 36°07′44″S 146°51′43″E / 36.129°S 146.862°E / -36.129; 146.862