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Catholic College Wodonga is a co-educational Catholic school in Wodonga, Victoria, Australia, catering for students from Years 7 through to 12. Founded by the Wodonga Parish in 1979, Catholic College's aim is to “bring life in Jesus’ name” or later changed to "Life in Jesus" and to continue the work of the Sisters of Mercy in educating young people for a range of pathways in life.[1]Catholic College Wodonga is part of Catholic Education Wodonga (CEW). Because of this association students are often streamed from the three catholic primary schools which make up the rest of CEW. These feeder schools are St. Monicas Primary (Wodonga), St. Augustines Primary (Wodonga) and Frayne College (Baranduda). The latter is a prep to 8 school.

The main office as you enter the facilities through the front entrance.


In 1876 a co-educational primary and secondary school was built on the corner of High Street and Osburn Street. In 1892, four teachers from the Sisters of Mercy from Albury began a foundation of a new education institution in Wodonga, Australia which was completed in 1899 as the St Augustines Primary school.[2] The school continued until 1982 under the name St Augustines.[2]

In the meantime, a boarding school was established giving convent to girls in outlying areas.[2]

In 1970s, Wodonga had been declared the National Growth Centre and by 1979 an increased number of students lead to the 'St Augustine’s Girls Secondary College' being relocated to the Wodonga West location under the new name of the "Catholic College Wodonga"[2]

CEW Theme[edit]

Each year the college is given a theme to have the students aim to follow and be alike. From 2014, Catholic Education Wodonga (CEW) decided to use the theme across all four of the Catholic Schools in Wodonga.[3]

Year CEW Theme
2019 "Rise Up and Pray"[4]
2018 "Serve God by Serving Others - With Joy, With Compassion, With Peace"
2017 "Be Courageous! God is with You"[5]
2016 "Walk with the Lord: forgive, show mercy, give joyfully, extend hospitality, do not judge and show compassion."
2015 "The Time is Now, Make God's Kingdom Real"
2014 "You are the Light of the World, Let Your Light Shine."
2013 “Be the seed that nourishes our world”
2012 "We are gods work of art. Called to share our gifts."


Catholic College is divided into six Learning Communities or Houses; Hollows (yellow), Malone (green), da Vinci (blue), Chisholm (red), Gandhi (orange) and MacKillop (purple). Each with their own given LCL (Learning Community Leader).[6]

Beginning the day, students start the day in their home bases or better known as Learning Mentor Groups (LMs). LMs contain students from a single community and across a variety of years of approximately 28 students. The objective of LMs is to encourage friendships across year levels and announce relevant school news. Each LM is co-ordinated by two, or in some cases three, teachers who is the primary contact for students in their group regarding school or administrative issues. They also provide the students with academical references.[6]


At Catholic College, students have the privilege of learning in state-of-the-art, world-class facilities. In October 2018, the new Aquinas Centre (Science) was opened[7] for use by students and staff.

Notable alumni[edit]


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