Roman Catholic Diocese of Torit

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Ecclesiastical province of Juba with the territory of the diocese of Torit

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Torit (Latin: Toriten(sis)) is a diocese located in Torit in the Ecclesiastical province of Juba in South Sudan.


The Diocese of Torit is a suffragan diocese of the Archdiocese of Juba. It was detached from Juba on May 2, 1983. The Bishop was inaugurated on August 7, 1983. Bishop Paride Taban was the first bishop of Torit.The Diocese covers 80.000 km2. and has a population of 1,000,000 of whom 522,003 are Catholics. It has three deaneries: Western Deanery, bordering Uganda, Central Deanery, b ordering north south of Uganda and Eastern Deanery, bordering Kenya and part of Ethiopia. Pastoral situation: Due to the civil war, the See of the diocese has just been opened to us due to the signing of peace, but otherwise, we have been serving the diocese of Torit from the periphery of its Seat. The Diocese serves 15 parishes, and 36 Eucharistic Centers and 240 other stations not regularly visited by priests, but by lay leaders and catechists The Catholic Diocese of Torit (CDOT) is located in the Eastern Equatorial State of South Sudan. The Catholic Diocese of Torit operational area (which is the same area and territory of Eastern Equatorial State) covers about 80,000 square kilometers.

Hence, CDOT just as Eastern Equatorial State is bordered in the East by Ethiopia, in the South by Kenya and Uganda, in the West by Central Equatorial State and lastly in the North by desert area that runs over into Jongolei and Upper Nile States. Education Education Soon after the total destruction of educational infrastructures and the collapsed of the education system in most part of Eastern Equatorial State in 1992 the CDOT revived education activities along the borders with Ugandan and Kenyan using their syllabuses and students taking their national examinations for convenience and certification purposes. At the moment CDOT runs two secondary schools (Narus and Isohe), one vocational school (Narus), and 13 primary schools (Boma, Nanyangachor, Narus, Lolim, Isoke, Ikotos, Eboni, and Loa and a number of bush schools in East and North Kapoeta Counties). Health After an interruption in health services the diocese established the health department in 1994.

CDOT now runs PHCCs in Lotimor, Nanyangachor, Narus, Kapoeta, Lorema, Magwi, Isoke, Parajok and Nimule. Most of these have capacity for inpatients and a mobile car for referral to hospitals in Chukudum, Nimule, Kakuma (Kenya in the refugee camp run by UNHCR) and recently to Torit Hospitals Water Hygiene and Sanitation Education (WHYSE).

There is hope that this programme will be extended in the very near future when funding is available. Supporting Structures for the CDOT Social Development Programmes:

1. The Office of the Programme Manager and Coordinators, are responsible for coordinating all the above activities, represent the diocese where necessary to the outside and tries to create as many synergies as possible.


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