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Catholic High School
Sekolah Tinggi Katolik
Lycée Catholique
Catholic high school crest.jpg
Catholic high school.jpg
9, Bishan Street 22, Singapore 579767
Bishan, Singapore
Coordinates 1°21′17″N 103°50′41″E / 1.35472°N 103.84472°E / 1.35472; 103.84472Coordinates: 1°21′17″N 103°50′41″E / 1.35472°N 103.84472°E / 1.35472; 103.84472
Type Government-aided,
Special Assistance Plan (SAP)
Integrated Programme
Motto 亲爱忠诚,敬业乐群
(Care, Honesty, Service)
Religious affiliation(s) Catholicism
Established 1935
Founder Rev. Father Edward Becheras
Sister school Singapore Chinese Girls' School
CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls' School
School code 7102 ('O' Level Programme)
9131 (Integrated Programme)
Principal Soh Lai Leng Magdalen
Supervisor Father Henry Siew
Gender Male
Enrollment 1,400 (secondary)
1,600 (primary)
Language English
Campus size 7 hectares (17 acres)
Green, White, Red and Yellow
Affiliation Catholic Junior College
Eunoia Junior College (for IP)
Vision The Catholic High student is a leader, gentleman and bilingual scholar of high integrity and robust character, who is passionate about life, learning and service to others.

Catholic High School (simplified Chinese: 公教中学; traditional Chinese: 公敎中學) (CHS) is an all-boys Catholic school in Singapore. As a full-school, it has a primary section offering a six-year primary education and a secondary section offering both a four-year Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level Programme and a six-year Integrated Programme. Founded in 1935 by Rev. Fr. Edward Becheras, a French missionary, the school caters for students who are fluent in both English and Chinese. The school is a Special Assistance Plan school, as well as a Gifted Education Programme centre.


Sculpture of Rev. Father Edward Becheras in front of the clock tower

Catholic High School was founded in 1935 as Sin-English Catholic School by the Reverend Father Edward Becheras, a French missionary.[1] Although it is a Catholic school, it accepts both Catholic and non-Catholic students, and is run along the lines of a Sino-English school.[1] The school first started as an extension of the Church of St. Peter and Paul.[2] Becheras envisaged the school as a bilingual institution from the start, emphasising instruction in both English and Chinese, a policy that continues today.[3] In addition, Becheras emphasised the teaching of science, uncommon at that time.[4]

Due to the high demand for places at the school,[2] Catholic High School moved into a new school building on Queen Street, beside the Church of St. Peter and Paul.[5] Two years after the new school campus was completed, it reached its maximum capacity.[4] Among notable features of the old school is the science room in the school, the first such feature in any Catholic school in Malaya (Singapore was part of Malaya at that time).[4]

In 1950, the Marist Brothers took over responsibility for the administration of Catholic High; a primary section was opened in 1951, and then a boarding house for Catholic students. Under the care of the Brothers the school developed but in 1974 the administration was handed back to the diocese. Maris Stella High School was founded in 1958 by Brother Joche Chanel in response to the demand for places in Catholic High School. Hence Maris Stella High School can be said to be the "brother school" of Catholic High School.[6]

The school was classified under the Special Assistance Plan in 1979.[1] This enables it to offer students in the top 10% of the cohort both English and Chinese as their first languages. In the same year, pre-primary classes were started to prepare students for primary school Chinese study. Catholic High expanded its campus to accommodate its pre-primary and lower-primary classes on Gentle Road and its upper-primary classes at Norfolk Road. Both the primary and secondary sections of the school moved to their current, permanent campus at Bishan Street 22 in 1992, to cope with increased enrolment. In 2008, Catholic High School was awarded the School Distinction Award under the MOE Master Plan of Awards, in recognition of its value-added holistic development of its students through exemplary processes and practices.[7]

On 1 September 2010 the Ministry of Education announced that Catholic High School would become an Integrated Programme school in 2013.[8] It partners CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls' School and Singapore Chinese Girls' School in the programme, and students from the school will proceed to Eunoia Junior College from 2017.[8][9]

School Identity & Culture[edit]

Dress code[edit]

Uniforms are compulsory for students. Catholic High is one of only a handful of Singapore secondary schools that require boys of all ages to wear short trousers throughout their time at the school. Surveys at the school have shown that CHS boys support this rule.[10] One student interviewed during the survey stated that "Shorts give us more room to move about, and are certainly more convenient when we sit, and especially when running ... Long pants are stuffy and inconvenient".[10]

House System[edit]

The house system is used during school sporting events. The four houses — Edward, Noel, Philippe and Joseph — are named after former principals and supervisors of the school.

House and Color Remarks
Edward      Named after Rev. Fr. Edward Becheras, founder and first supervisor of CHS.
Noel      Named after Rt. Rev. Noel Goh, third, fifth and seventh supervisor of CHS.
Joseph      Named after Rev. Joseph Chang, principal of CHS, (1960-1974).
Philippe      Named after Rev. Philippe Wu, principal of CHS, (1950-1956).

Houses are allocated to teachers and students. Students are elected into leadership positions in each house, such as captain, secretary, treasurer and level coordinator. Sports events such as the annual cross-country and sports night help earn points for the houses. At the end of the year, points are totalled up and the house with the highest points wins the Challenge Shield.[citation needed]


Catholic High track and field, with basketball sculpture in foreground

The seven-hectare Catholic High campus consists of two blocks, primary and secondary. A common area is shared between these two blocks, where the secondary plaza and two school halls are located. The two air-conditioned, multi-purpose halls serve as venues for assembly, large-scale talks, performing arts events, and indoor sporting activities. In addition, another smaller auditorium is used for performing arts events. Secondary 4 students have their classrooms on level 5 which are also air-conditioned.

The school campus also houses a 400m running track and a multipurpose open field. There is a discus cage and javelin-throwing ground, two tennis courts and a basketball court. The Catholic High Sports and Recreational Centre, also known as the Indoor Sports Hall, was completed in December 2008. This sports hall is used for sporting activities in the school. It houses two basketball courts, volleyball courts and badminton courts, in addition to spectator stands. There are two gyms on the secondary campus. Catholic High is one of few schools with a in-campus sports class, where its students go through a rigorous sports and academic course. Sports Class students may choose to take Physical Education as an 'O' Level subject, in addition to the standard 'O' Level curriculum. A new high elements rope course was completed in 2010.

The school hall of the Catholic High was a training venue for athletes competing in Gymnastics events of the 2010 Youth Olympic Games.[11]

Academic Information[edit]

Catholic High School also offers the Music Elective Programme since 2011.[12] This four-year programme allows students who have an interest in music to study music at a higher level, leading to a GCE O-level Higher Music certificate.[12]

CHS-SNGS-SCGS Joint Integrated Programme[edit]

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School jointly offers the Integrated Programme (IP) in collaboration with Catholic High School, Singapore Chinese Girls' School and Eunoia Junior College from 2013. Under the programme, students may skip the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level examination in the respective schools, and complete year 5 & 6 of pre-university education in Eunoia Junior College leading to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Advanced Level examination.[13][14]

As a dual-track school, 4-year Secondary Special/Express course is offered alongside the Integrated Programme.[15]

School Events[edit]

Catholic High Music Awards[edit]

The Catholic High Music Awards (Abbreviation: CHMA; CH Music Awards for short) is an annual school talent search competition held in Catholic High School (Singapore), which presents the school's musical talents a platform to showcase their abilities. This competition organised by the Catholic High School's iMedia Club, a Co-Curricular Activity (CCA), in collaboration with the school's music department. It is currently one of the large-scale school concerts in Singapore.

The contest was originally a small-scale event held during one of the weekly school assemblies. It has then evolved over the years into its current form under the guidance of Mr Wang Jiunn, the then-concert producer. In its six-year run, CHMA has been held in the Catholic High school hall every year.

Students compete in various categories, namely, Solo Vocalists, Group Vocals, Rock Bands, Instrumental Bands, Duets and Creative Expressions. After several rounds of auditions, judges would select the best students to be the finalists, who will perform on the finale night concert. External bands are often invited to perform during the finale night concert. Several finalists have gained attention and had enjoyed moderate success in other talent competitions, such as Tan Zhi Yi in One Million Star and Paul Twohill in Singapore Idol.

Notable Alumni[edit]

The CHA has funded many local/overseas enrichment programmes for students as well as staff development programmes for teachers. The CHA offers the OBA Founders' Scholarships for outstanding Catholic High students. Members of the CHA also volunteer as guest speakers at assembly talks, mentors for CHA scholars, and advisors for special projects such as the OBA-CH Innovative Problem-Solving Competition using IT and the IT Challenge Programme, etc.[citation needed]


Civil Service[edit]



Media and Entertainment[edit]



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