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Unitas: the Catholic League for the Unity of Christians is an organisation of Anglicans and Roman Catholics dedicated to the reconciliation of the same two communions. It is associated with the Anglo-Papalist wing of Anglo-Catholicism.

The League was founded in 1913 with 97 foundation members on the initiative of Richard Langford-James and Henry Fynes-Clinton.[1] Its predecessors were the Association for the Promotion of the Unity of Christendom (established 1857) and the Guild of the Love of God (founded 1911).


A member of the Catholic Societies of the Church of England, the League supports the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (formerly the Octave of Christian Unity), the work of the International Anglican-Roman Catholic Commission on Unity and Mission, and in the past, its predecessor, the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission. Associated with the Catholic League is the Sodality of the Precious Blood, a confraternity of male priests in the Church of England who pray the Liturgy of the Hours and practice celibacy.

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