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18th century icon of Saint Luke, patron saint of physicians

The Catholic Medical Association is an organization of Catholic physician, dentists and health care professionals in the United States and Canada. It has about 900 members.[1]


The organization studies and holds conferences on topics that relate spirituality and health. For instance, the theme of the 74th annual meeting in 2005 was The Biological and Spiritual Development of the Child, and was attended by physicians from 43 US states and Canada, as well as a number of theologians.[2] Another example of the interleaving of religion and medicine that permeates the organization was the 2008 White Mass for healthcare professionals, held on the feast of Saint Luke, the patron saint of physicians.

The organization started around 1932 as local guilds of physicians meeting in various diocese and then became the International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations, based in Rome. It eventually became the Catholic Medical Association. It publishes a journal of medical ethics, the Linacre Quarterly, which it claims to be one of the foremost medical journals in the field of medical ethics.[3]

The organization continues to comment on current policies of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.[4][5] The organization opposes euthanasia.[6] The use of human cloning experiments is also opposed by the organization.[7] The organization is a supporter of the "Rules of Conscience" in medical practice.[8] The Catholic Medical Association also sponsors specific studies, e.g. on the prevention of sexual abuse of children.[9]

The organization has affiliates in various parts of the United States and is recognized and its policies are supported by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops[10] On some legal and ethical issues, the organization cooperates with other Christian organizations such as the Christian Medical Association.[11]

The Catholic Medical Students Association is an association of medical students in the United States, operating in conjunction with the Catholic Medical Association and has some regional branches.[12][13][14]

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