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The Catholic Record Society (Registered Charity No. 313529), "the premier Catholic historical society in the United Kingdom",[1] founded in 1904, is a scholarly society devoted to the study of Reformation and post-Reformation Catholicism in England and Wales.[2] Particularly active members in its early years were Joseph Gillow, J. H. Pollen, and Joseph S. Hansom.[3] The society was initially established as a text publication society, with the aim of publishing Catholic historical records.[4] Only later did it become a more general historical society. It has been credited with making much otherwise obscure archival material more readily available.[5]


A residential three-day conference is organized each year, at which the society's AGM takes place. For many years these took place at Plater College, Oxford. From 2013 onwards, the CRS annual conference is held at Downing College, Cambridge. Regional one-day conferences are also organized.


The CRS publishes a journal, which was originally called Biographical Studies, 1534-1829 (Volumes 1 (1951) - 3 (1956)), and then Recusant History (Volumes 4 (1957) - 31 (2014)). From 2015, the CRS’s journal is published by Cambridge University Press under the title British Catholic History.[6] The Catholic Record Society likewise publishes volumes of source material relating to Catholic history (CRS Records Series),[7] and a series of monographs (CRS Monographs),[8] both by Boydell and Brewer.


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