Catholic University of Santos

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Catholic University of Santos
Universidade Católica de Santos
Logo Universidade Católica de Santos.png
Coat of arms of the university
Other name
Motto Dilatentur spatia veritatis
Motto in English
Expand the space for the good
Type Private, non-profit
Established February 7, 1986[1]
Affiliation Roman Catholic Church
Chancellor Dom Tarcísio Scaramussa
Rector Marcos Medina Leite
Vice rector Roseane Marques da Graça Lopes
Location Santos, São Paulo, Brazil
23°57′S 46°19′W / 23.95°S 46.32°W / -23.95; -46.32
Campus Urban
Colors      Católica de Santos's blue and      White
Sports Football, basketball, volleyball, handball
Website [1]

The Catholic University of Santos (Portuguese: Universidade Católica de Santos, UNISANTOS) is a private and non-profit Catholic university, located in Santos, the first university in the region of the city. It is one of the largest Brazilian universities. It is maintained by the Catholic Archdiocese of Santos.


UNISANTOS's history began in 1951 when the Society was founded by Visconde de São Leopoldo. The initial goal was to establish the School of Law. Thereafter, the university expanded to include a school of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters, Communication, Economics and Business, School of Architecture, School of Social Work, School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, and School of Engineering.

On February 6, 1986, the Catholic UNISANTOS was recognized and became the first university in the region, under the auspices of the then Minister Marco Antônio Maciel under approval process 3924/76. Currently consisting of five learning centres, the UNISANTOS maintains more than 40 undergraduate courses, including programmes in Technology, five Masters courses recommended by Capes and MEC (Education, Law, Business Management, Computer Science and Public Health), science and the arts, and dozens of other courses linked to a humanistic tradition.

As a member of the Brazilian Association of Community Universities, the UNISANTOS provides part of their revenue to provide funding for scholarships, free hospital visits, psychology clinics, and legal assistance, among others. Additionally, it maintains the Open University for the Elderly, a pioneer project in the region.[2]

Located in the littoral zone of the State of São Paulo, region known as "Baixada Santista," the law school of the Catholic UniSantos is among the best in the State, according to the Federal Council of the Bar Association of Brazil. The university is the only one to get the label "Federal Bar Association recommends," in three editions in which it was granted. It is also recognized for the high rate of students who pass the examination stage of the OAB and the Public Defender and Prosecutor, in addition to tendering for public service careers in the legal area as Magistrates, Prosecutors at the federal, state and municipal levels.[clarification needed][3]

The UNISANTOS has an agreement to exchange students with foreign institutions located in Portugal, Spain, Germany, Mexico and Costa Rica.[4]


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