Cathy Areu

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Cathy Areu
OccupationJournalist and news analyst
Years active2001–Present

Cathy Areu is a Cuban American journalist and news analyst.


Areu obtained her B.A. in English literature from Florida State University in 1992, and a master's degree in English education from Nova Southeastern University, also in Florida.[1] She became a tenured teacher in Florida and gained certification as a teacher in New Jersey.[2]

Career and personal life[edit]

From 2001 to 2012, Areu conducted interviews for the Washington Post's "First Person Singular" column, including with Laura Bush, Al Franken, Alberto Gonzales, Nancy Pelosi and Al Sharpton.[3][4] She contributed to Latina Style in 2001; she also contributed to People magazine and USA Weekend. In 2001 she founded Catalina, a magazine aimed at Hispanic women.[5][4] Her book, Latino Wisdom, a collection of stories about America's best-known Hispanic figures, was published by Barricade Books in 2006.[6] Areu is the author of Latino Wisdom (2006).

Areu has appeared on various political talk shows, including Fox News's The O'Reilly Factor, The Sean Hannity Show and Tucker Carlson Tonight; Prime News and Showbiz Tonight on HLN; AC360 and Campbell Brown on CNN; and MSNBC's The Daily Rundown.[7][8] She has two daughters.[9]


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