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Cathy Mitchell (born 1947) is an American author and television infomercial host for numerous "As seen on TV" products. Cathy is also the author of Dump Cakes, Dump Dinners and Crock Pot Dump Meals all of which were advertised on the Steve Harvey Show and on HSN. Her newest cookbooks include the Ramen Joy and Ramen Nibbles, which are homemade dishes and desserts made with Instant Ramen Noodles.[1]

In August 2008, Cathy appeared in an infomercial parody on AdultSwim.[2]

In 2014, Cathy Mitchell was featured on the Rachael Ray show. She participated in a Coffee Off with fellow pitchman Marc Gill which she lost by 8 cups.[3]

Products endorsed[edit]

  • Snakmaster
  • Microcrisp
  • Turbo Cooker
  • Fry Pro 2
  • GeMagic
  • Le Presse
  • Chef-O-Matic Pro
  • Sideshow Skillet
  • Flat Fold Colander
  • Press Quick
  • 10 Second Smoothie Maker
  • Pasta Boat
  • Pasta N More
  • GT Express 101
  • Xpress Redi-Set-Go
  • Xpress Platinum
  • Flavorstone
  • Miden Anytime Grill
  • HogWash Scrubber
  • Stonewave
  • Red Titan Pan
  • Red Copper Pan


  • Dump Cakes
  • Dump Dinners
  • Dump Soups
  • Crock Pot Dump Meals
  • Ramen Joy
  • Ramen Nibbles
  • Pumpkin Paradise
  • Everyday Stonewave Meals


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