Catia TVe

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Televisora Comunitaria del Oeste
Type Broadcast Television Network
Branding Catia TVe
Country Venezuela
Availability Caracas (UHF channel 41)
Owner Community of Catia
Key people
Ricardo Marquez, President of Catia TVe
Launch date
March 30, 2001
Official website

Catia TVe (Televisora Comunitaria del Oeste) is a Venezuelan television channel, created and administered by the residents of Catia, a major neighborhood in the capital city of Caracas. Seventy percent of its programming is created by community organizations in the barrios (poor, heavily populated neighborhoods in Venezuela). It can be seen in the city of Caracas on UHF channel 41.


Catia TVe began transmission on March 30, 2001. The channel's broadcasts were suspended on April 11, 2002, during the Venezuelan coup attempt of 2002 by political opponents and Venezuelan businessmen who had ousted the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez for two days. Catia TVe's signal wasn't restored until July 10, 2003. Shortly thereafter the then mayor de Caracas, Alfredo Peña, ordered them to move their headquarters into a hospital in the city. It wasn't until July 11, 2004 that Catia TVe once again began broadcasting, currently reaching most of the city from their very own headquarters. On March 30, 2006, Catia TVe went from transmitting 14 hours a day to 18 hours a day because they have started showing programs from TeleSUR and important sessions of the National Assembly from Asamblea Nacional Televisión.

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