Catrake Force

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Catrake Force
Catrake Force
LocationEngland Swaledale, North Yorkshire, England
Coordinates54°24′4″N 2°10′0″W / 54.40111°N 2.16667°W / 54.40111; -2.16667Coordinates: 54°24′4″N 2°10′0″W / 54.40111°N 2.16667°W / 54.40111; -2.16667
Total height10 m / 30 ft
Number of drops4

Catrake Force is a waterfall on the river Swale in North Yorkshire, England.[1] It is not visible from the road but requires only a short walk to reach it. It comprises a series of four steps, each its own small waterfall, and each with a very different character – the largest single drop being about 20 feet (6.1 m).[2]

It lies on the Pennine Way walk 0.5 miles (0.80 km) from Keld, downstream from Wain Wath Force. Just below Keld the river descends into a narrow gorge just above Catrake Force.[3] The next waterfall downstream is Kisdon Force.[4] Waterfalls in the north of England are often termed Forces after the Norse word Foss which means waterfall, whilst Catrake derives from the Latin "cataracta" (waterfall) via Middle English[5]


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