Catsmeat Potter-Pirbright

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Claude Cattermole Potter-Pirbright
First appearance The Masked Troubadour (1936)
Last appearance Jeeves and the Greasy Bird (1965)
Created by P. G. Wodehouse
Portrayed by John Elmes (Jeeves and Wooster, 1992)
Nickname(s) Catsmeat
Gender Male
Occupation Actor
Relatives Cora Pirbright (sister)
Nationality British

Claude Cattermole "Catsmeat" Potter-Pirbright is a recurring fictional character from the Jeeves stories of British comic writer P. G. Wodehouse, being a member of the Drones Club and a longtime school friend of Jeeves's master Bertie Wooster. An actor also known as Claude Cattermole on stage or Claude Pirbright from his birth name Claude Cattermole Pirbright, he has the nickname Catsmeat (i.e. lights - lung-based cat food).


Catsmeat Potter-Pirbright and Bertie Wooster went together to Malvern House Preparatory School, secondary school at Eton, then to the University of Oxford. He is the brother of Cora Pirbright, and engaged to Gertrude Winkworth, the daughter of Dame Daphne Winkworth.

His main role is in the 1949 Jeeves novel The Mating Season, during which Bertie Wooster and Gussie Fink-Nottle swap their identities, while Catsmeat pretends to be the faux-Gussie's valet Meadowes and Jeeves pretends to be the faux-Bertie's valet, before complications ensue.

Otherwise, he is usually the bit player who moves the action forward or tilts the story at the right moment.

Catsmeat is described as being "Brilliant, but unsound" by the Rev. Aubrey Upjohn, whose review of Catsmeat Bertie happens to see when pinching biscuits from Upjohn's study as a boy.


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